Established in 1989, embark on a cleanliness revolution with our cutting-edge methods! We specialize in caring for carpets, furniture, pest control, shielding, ducts, natural stone, sanitization, and general cleaning with attention to every single detail. From homes to businesses, we cover it all for a spotless and vibrant space.

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Revive carpets and upholstery with ChemDry's dry cleaning for a fresh, like-new appearance.

TermiFast, Logo, Kuwait, Pest, Control

Ensure a pest-free, sanitized space with TermiFast for a clean and secure environment.

CleanNew, Logo, Kuwait, Fabric, Shield

Protect your furniture with CleanNew's shielding, preserving beauty and longevity.

Diamond, Logo, Kuwait, Natural, Stone, Cleaning, Polishing, Grinding

Restore stone surfaces with Diamond's expert cleaning, polishing, and grinding services.

General Cleaning, Logo, Kuwait, Cleaning, Services, Home, Office, Commercial

Achieve spotless interiors with General Cleaning's meticulous attention to every detail.

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Need assistance or want to book a service? Call or WhatsApp us anytime on our 24/7 hotline – your convenience is our commitment.

Address: Rai Industrial Area
Block 4 - Plot 1759 - 1st Floor
Hotline: 18 999 81
Phone: +965 9969 9050

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