Wooden Floors? The Razor™ Product Range

Compared to the Razor™, other floor cleaners just don't cut it.

Could this be the end of the road for the bucket & mop? Designed specifically for cleaning hard floors, be they wood, laminate, vinyl or tile, you simply won't find a better cleaner or an easier way to clean them. The Razor by Chem-Dry, represents the very latest innovation from the people who have always brought you the safest & best carpet & upholstery cleaning.

Like all Chem-Dry® products, The Razor™ has been tested and retested to ensure it meets our high standards. It's much more effective and durable than other floor cleaners, which means it's great at keeping your home clean and healthy.

  • Professional Grade, Heavy duty
  • Easy Load/Unload Cartridges
  • Superior Cleaning Pads
    • Dirt trapping Capabilities
    • Durable for carpet spotting
  • Superior Design
    • 20% wider for faster cleaning
    • View window for soiled pad detection
    • Concave foot design for even pressure distribution
    • 180 degree pivot for extended pad usage

Built for the rigours of professional use, the Razor is extremely durable. It's also easy to use, with padded handles, ergonomic design, and cans and pads that are simple to load and unload.

The Razor's foot design is wide, resulting in superior coverage and faster cleaning. The floor Razor also has specially designed viewing windows allowing you to see when the cleaning pad is dirty and needs to be replaced. Only the Razor lets you rotate the cleaning pad 180 degrees from improved pad utilization and easier access to those difficult to reach areas.

Available from your local Chem-Dry professional.


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