Leather & Vinyl Cleaning Protections :


Kuwait Chem-Dry we are proud of the fact that we can clean just about any type of fabric there is, including leather & vinyl. Leather furniture and upholstery are a costly investment, and should be properly maintained. Chem-Dry has developed a leather and vinyl cleaner and conditioner - protector that thoroughly cleans without stripping natural oils or inhibiting the leather's ability to breathe. To insure its lasting beauty, it is important that leather be properly maintained. We are the professionals ready to do the job, with the training to do it right

Leather care specialist will cleaning and protecting various types of leather such as, Aniline, Pigmented, Nu Buck, etc. As well as we do repairing and correcting many leather furniture problems like cuts, holes, pigment loss, etc. However, most of the people are forced to either clean the leather furniture themselves (usually improperly), or neglect caring for it altogether. Chem-Dry is on the way to becoming the world's leader in leather care. Harris Research, Inc. has teamed-up with Leather Master to produce the finest line of cleaning, protecting and repair product in the industry. Settees, Automobiles, Boats, RVs, Airplanes, Helicopter, / Sofas : your service We Buses, Restaurants, Offices, Theatres & much more


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