The Razor™ Consumables

The Razor - Support Consumables.

These superb cleaning products come in environmentally friendly, 22 oz. aerosol cans that are made from re-cycleable aluminium and are free of CFC's. So, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a Clean Healthy home by cleaning with Chem-Dry's Razor products.

Cleaning Solutions - Aerosol cans

Carbonated Hard Floor Cleaner
For use on most hard floor surfaces, including wood, laminate, tile and vinyls. Great at removing dirt and dissolving grease from hard surfaces around your home.

Carbonated Carpet Spotter
Use the floor Razor and Carbonated Carpet Spotter to remove dirt and water based stains from your carpeting, between professional cleanings.

All-Purpose Surface Cleaner
This cleaner, with it's trigger sprayer top, is used for counter tops, wall tiles, shower cubicles and many other surfaces. An excellent pre-soak for tough spots and stains.

The Razor™ Cleaning Pads.

These highly absorbent, disposable cleaning pads, soak up not only the grease and dirt from your floors, but also absorb the cleaning solution, so that your floors are dry in an amazingly short time, and there are no cleaning residues left behind. Available in packs of 12 pads.

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